2016 04 04

Here are today’s top stories, mostly sourced from Hacker News.

This ties in well with my idea of a company where peers, not managers, will provide ratings to each other.

I don’t like the idea of being a manager, a people pleaser, or even a person who spends most of their time talking to other people.

Here is some inspiration from the founder of WhatsApp to keep trying.car_top_carrier

I keep seeing this on the roads. Apparently, its called a “Car Top Carrier”, used by the adventurous outdoor people.

What do these people put in it?

About the Amazon Echo – am at least years away from wanting one.

Read this from a guy who spent 12 years at ThoughtWorks.

Came to know about ThoughtWorks pillars, and learnt about learning.

Didnt realize blind programmers use so many tools.

Questions about government spending, and some more. There is hope though. Here’s a thought – shouldn’t the government ask for taxpayers’ approval before spending more than a million dollars on a project?

Not a good day for politicians, with all the talk about black money.

The Turkish security breach with all data made available freely should hopefully make more governments take notice and take the required security precautions.

The Egyptian revolution wasnt as easy as it looks to TV viewers.

Strange what the Native Americans have to be content with.

They should ask for more, as this Kickstarter did.

Perhaps minimum wages is not a good idea, at least in Sweden.

FreeBSD 10.3 has been released. About FreeBSD. About free software. Shouldn’t other such stuff be free too – movies, songs, books, to name a few. A “pay if you like it” model.

First world problems of laments on broadband speed.

Virgin America is about to merge with Alaska. Didnt realize Richard Branson is British, not American.

Speaking of flying things that are getting grounded, here’s a killer drone, and its nemesis, the balloon.

Not a good market for IT companies anymore? How about stalking the Zucker.

Tesla Motors always had secret plans to infiltrate the family car. Tesla 3 is coming to India.

Amazon Kindle Owners’ Lending Library has thousands of books to borrow, but only 18 being displayed without a link to see all the eligible books! Sad. I could view Prime-eligible Kindle books only on a Kindle device, not the web-based Amazon Cloud Reader.

And finally, Wrap API allows you to build an API on top of any website.

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